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Avoiding a Head-On Collision

Learn how to Avoid a Head-On Collision Today!

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Avoiding a Head-On Collision

Head-on collisions are the most dangerous type of collision in terms of outcome, as they are the most likely to end in a fatality. Thousands of people die every year in the US in this type of crash.

Defensive driving is the best preventative measure for any type of traffic incident.

This includes being alert and focused on the driving, and driving only when physically and mentally well enough to do so. Two integral parts of good driving practices are obeying the speed limit and scanning the environment. This buys you time to react as needed and gives you a good overview of the field you are moving in.

Ensure a safety cushion between yourself and the rest of the traffic by maintaining a reasonable distance from the other vehicles. Observe rules about turning and signaling, right-of-way, stop signs and traffic lights.

Finally, accepting and acting in accordance with these four simple insights (though not always simple to implement) should help you optimize your driving: 

  1. Sharing the road with the other participants in traffic, however big or small, fast or slow they might be, is inevitable;
  2. Speeding does not save very much time and can endanger both yourself and others;
  3. Remember that traffic can be unpredictable: expect errors and drive so as to minimize your own and the effects of those that other drivers might make;
  4. Adjust your driving using focus, common sense and caution.  

But, even if you follow these tips, you may find yourself in a situation where a collision is inevitable, and you need to be prepared, at least in theory, for this.

Here is some further advice if you find yourself in this situation: 

We hope these tips will help keep you safe. As you can see, these defensive driving tips are all commonsense suggestions, making reason your best companion when driving -- plan and prepare beforehand, acknowledge that rushed driving rarely saves time, and remain mentally present at all times when driving.

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Referred to this by a friend - thanks for the funny, random comments inserted in between the text. and for the colloquial tone. easy to follow along as opposed to dry stats and figures.
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