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These are real comments from real students. All comments are posted.

"I questioned - and STILL do - the pricing procedure for this activity. I was offered a choice of 4 price-packages, and chose the last (most expensive) one, but then I learned that I had been charged for BOTH that one PLUS the next most expensive option, totaling $29.95, minus $5.00, apparently some promotional deal. WHY WAS I CHARGED FOR 2 SEPARATE OPTIONS?! Hoping you or someone in charge at FINISH TODAY TRAFFIC SCHOOL can explain this to me. I was offered s choice of one, but charged for two (2). Thank you for any help you can provide. Frank Brooks ( 415-648-7459 )"
Frank B. - San Francisco, California

"This site was great and very easy to use. Thank you for making this as painless as possible."
Martin S. - Riverside, California

"Well written and very well explained for the purpose of learning the rules of the driving. "
Marie F. - San Bernardino, California

"Loved it. Super-fast and easy!"
Anthony M. - Los Angeles, California

"This course is very goog"
Rodolfo H. - Fresno, California

"This site was very easy to understand courses!"
Trinity U. - Shasta, California

"Thank you for taking the time to make a course that was enjoyable!"
Michael M. - San Mateo, California

"loved it!"
Michelle M. - Alameda, California

"it was easy and informative"
Jerome W. - Riverside, California

Christopher R. - Los Angeles, California

"Great program!"
Michele S. - Madera, California

David C. - Monterey, California

"Great thank you"
Badr A. - Orange, California

"Thank you very much for being available and have a nice positive and helpful Ms. Judy. Thank you very very very much."
Maliheh M. - Los Angeles, California

Eric dale W. - San Bernardino, California

"I was able to sign up online with no issues! "
Sydney S. - Imperial, California

"Thank you1"
Rosanna M. - Los Angeles, California

"Easy Lee h long day but done"
Patricia F. - Sacramento, California

"Great course. Very beneficial"
Gary S. - Santa Cruz, California

"This is very good informative course help be a safer driver and understand driver laws and signs in California.Thank Joseph Lemus safer driver."
Joseph L. - Los Angeles, California

"It was Great! Thanks!"
Jesus R. - Santa Clara, California

"This school is a blessing. I was so scared that I was going have an extensive months long course, but I did it, got through it and I’m really proud of myself finishing in today. “Finish Today Traffic school” Thank you so much!! Also way more worth paying for the course then having to have a point a on your record isn’t worth it. Just take the class and get it over with. "
Josephine A. - Sacramento, California

"Totally satisfied with the course"
Julie C. - Contra Costa, California

"Great program, easy to navigate and easy to understand the material. "
Julissa R. - San Diego, California

"This was easy! Thank you!"
Miranda B. - Imperial, California

"Easy course at my pace. Good and easy reading to the point provided to take the exam."
Wai H. - Stanislaus, California

"Great and efficient "
Matthew A. - Los Angeles, California

"Excellent traffic school"
Dale B. - San Diego, California

"no comment "
Robert M. - San Luis Obispo, California

"Thank you so much for your examination."
Daniyar K. - Los Angeles, California

"Love your schooling, being a college student, this course was a breeze. :)"
Lark H. - Riverside, California

"A lot of text. Suggest adding audiovisual elements."
Donald D. - Stanislaus, California

"Very Easy and convenient. Loved how simple it was to register and brease thru. "
Gregory P. - Los Angeles, California

"Very easy to use website- full of information. Thank you"
Nichole H. - Mendocino, California

"The course was very informative and easy to navigate."
Anuraag G. - Santa Cruz, California

"This was a good course. It was written in a relaxed way with a bit of humor but that actually made the learning experience better. It didn't just focus on the law but also on what made good sense. The time to do this was reasonable and well worthwhile. I highly recommend this. It was very educational."
David A. - Mono, California

"I spoke to a gentleman before I registered because I had some questions. I couldnt call until after work around 6:00 pm and someone still answered and was very polite, patient and had great customer Service. i pray I am never in need of traffic school again but I would definitely recommend this traffic school to others. "
Ketlyn H. - Riverside, California

"easy to follow along!"
Karla H. - San Joaquin, California

"This Course was very educational and helpful. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to get through driving school."
Eduardo F. - Stanislaus, California

"This course is easy to understand and gives facts not trick questions. good lay out and easy to progress."
Ralph S. - Los Angeles, California

"Well done author(s). Very comprehensive and fun to read. Keep up the good work!"
Jamaal J. - Alameda, California

"The process to registration and complete the course was very easy and professional. Thank you for the help."
Stacey T. - Solano, California

"Thank you."
Michelle P. - Sacramento, California

"Great user interface, easy to understand as well"
Monique A. - Tulare, California

"Loved it! Thank you for making that easy and painless!"
Roseanna D. - Sacramento, California

"It went well."
Michael A. - San Francisco, California

"This course was very understandable and convenient. I would recommend."
Doug E. - San Luis Obispo, California

"Very informative, easy to use and learned a lot of things i didn't originally know. thank you"
Aurys D. - Napa, California

"Easy to read and very clear chapters and test questions."
Lorie K. - San Luis Obispo, California

"much enjoyed the class vert clear nicely foramtted. "
Rani C. - Sacramento, California

"Amazing and very easy to complete at your own pace. It was very fast to process everything and didn't have any problems with anything."
Alexis R. - Fresno, California

"Simple and easy "
Donald M. - San Bernardino, California

"I appreciate the fact that I was able to take the course at my convenece"
Arthur C. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course! thank you"
Rosemary M. - San Bernardino, California

"Enjoyed the class."
Kayla L. - Los Angeles, California

"It was very easy to navigate through and get done."
Darrin D. - Fresno, California

Luis L. - Los Angeles, California

"It was easy "
Cesar J. - San Bernardino, California

"Excellent Course even for skilled older drivers....good reminder points on those driving conditions and situations we may have taken for granted. TL"
Theodore L. - Marin, California

"Perfectly understandable user interface. Simple and to the point."
Alvaro R. - Madera, California

"in the practice test, the question: It is legal to have two headphones in while driving was true. the answer is False. the questions answer is different in the final test. that was the only discrepancy."
Erik J. - Madera, California

"The readings were a bit long"
Erik G. - Orange, California

"This course was informative and well-organized. I would 100% recommend this course to other prospective students. "
Anitra C. - Los Angeles, California

"Please submit traffic school 100% completion to: San Francisco Hall of Justice # 38460 These instructions were advised in my paperwork from the San Francisco Superior Court."
Cynthia W. - San Francisco, California

"Very satisfied with this program."
Marco T. - Imperial, California

"great and easy to use."
Samuel A. - Fresno, California

"This was the easiest navigating and comprehending online traffic school i could have imagined. passed with only missing 2 out of 25 of the assessment. I am extremely please with finish today traffic school!"
Nyiesha H. - Sacramento, California

"Thank you "
Arturo C. - Alameda, California

"Thank you, I appreciate the friendly service provided when I contacted this business."
Erick K. - Contra Costa, California

"Great internet class to take would highly recommend to someone looking for a quick and guided course that takes only today to finish!"
Damien M. - Los Angeles, California

"I learned a few new things and was able to use this training class easily. Thank you"
Lucy M. - Sacramento, California

"Easy to use!"
Danielle L. - Tulare, California

"Great School!"
Victor G. - Los Angeles, California

Michael P. - Placer, California

Omar R. - Tulare, California

Victor S. - San Bernardino, California

"very easy to navigate and good website "
Ruben P. - Los Angeles, California

"very easy going and i learned alot that i wasnt aware of so im glad i did this course. "
Jaskerit S. - Merced, California

"Very interesting course. I liked the occasional humor."
Donna L. - Sonoma, California

"Great classes and well-written instructions. Easy to understand and follow. "
Diem N. - San Benito, California

"Although I already took a traffic class online, I wanted to take another one to learn more about driving etc. It was an easy class to go through, simple and quite effective. Honestly would recommend this to anyone needing a traffic class course to go through. Thank you for letting me learn more and sign up for this."
Priscilla G. - Madera, California

"Thank you, the course is informative and I actually learned a lot. "
Lucina H. - Stanislaus, California

"Good course. "
Richard B. - Orange, California

"Easy online traffic school. Thank you."
Nandy N. - San Bernardino, California

"Thank you "
Kou V. - San Diego, California

"Very good experience. "
Ty P. - San Joaquin, California

"todo muy bien, gracias. "
Adrian J. - Los Angeles, California

"Very fast and easy to understand. Thanks!"
Carlos L. - Alameda, California

"Took a little longer than I thought. I also had the DMV handbook, but it did not really have all the answers I needed. Thx."
Elizabeth M. - Lake, California

"Thank you!"
Rosalia B. - Los Angeles, California

"I enjoyed the course and was surprised by the statistics related to distracted drivers."
Lisa A. - Merced, California

"Thank you, great program and I enjoyed learning "
Julian E. - Kern, California

"Great Online Traffic School"
Safa N. - Orange, California

"Very quick, concise and easy to use. "
Eric L. - Santa Clara, California

"A valuable learning experience"
Gil A. - Los Angeles, California

"This exam andf the prep for the exam was really easy to read and understand. "
William R. - Ventura, California

"Very good course. Appreciated it very much. "
Christopher A. - Los Angeles, California

"Excellent course"
Roy K. - Solano, California

"Great, quick, and to the point. I will recommend this website to my friends and colleagues."
Jason B. - Alameda, California

"T This course I really enjoyed Course I Really enjoyed this I enjoyed this course. Self explanatory and easy to understand. All about common sense. "
Linda M. - Fresno, California

"Good test. Fast and easy. "
Ulises O. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you!"
Erica B. - San Luis Obispo, California

"This was a great course"
Amber A. - Kings, California

"Thank you for the course. It helped me to change my mindset about the way I approach driving, and now every time I get in the car I think about what I can do to be a safer driver."
Julie K. - Santa Clara, California

"When will I receive my certificate "
Jeremiah S. - Tulare, California

"Easy to follow course, with a touch of humor to make the process more interesting. "
Sarena D. - Los Angeles, California

"Great program "
Jovanny C. - Napa, California

"Thank you, I will recommend you school."
Aldo G. - Inyo, California

"Great class!"
Edward C. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you so much, the information I retained will help me becomne a better driver!! "
Anthony M. - Santa Clara, California

"This was informative and easy to get through. "
Jay G. - Napa, California

"Thank you for the valuable data and system "
Abduljasoor S. - Sacramento, California

"The course was easy to read and understand. Topics were concise and to the point. I would recommend this course to others!! Thank you for your help in completing this requirement by the court. Have a very Happy New Year!"
Bridgett B. - Fresno, California

"it was fine"
Renee S. - Los Angeles, California

"Very good course. I love the way everything was laid out. Very informative and fun!"
Jennifer F. - Stanislaus, California

"I am very pleased the course was updated and made easier for students. Very clear and user-friendly version. Thank you."
Eduardo M. - Imperial, California

Hafiz A. - Alameda, California

"easy to talk with and register. Reading and test was instructional"
Jerry L. - Marin, California

"Quick and informative. Thanks."
Ehab J. - Santa Clara, California

"Great course. Read all the material and the quiz questions were reasonable and required knowledge of the CVC rules."
Tom N. - Santa Clara, California

"I have learned so much about updated traffic rules and really thankful that the material provided by school is so understandable and knowledgeable from safety perspective ."
No name given R. - Fresno, California

"thank you"
Hilaria M. - Riverside, California

"You made this SO much easier than I anticipated! The curriculum was well written and easy to understand. Thanks so much!"
Ashley S. - San Joaquin, California

Oliver M. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course! Easy to understand and was extremely helpful for me. Thank you!"
Jose Q. - San Diego, California

"Practical experience!"
Jorge G. - Santa Clara, California

"I am really grateful for the opportunity to not only remove a point from my record but to do it in such a short amount of time. If I only realized this sooner, I wouldn't have thought traffic school was such a hassle. LETS GO! "
Diego S. - Ventura, California

"quick and easy"
Derek E. - Los Angeles, California

"Great program."
Steven S. - Nevada, California

"Great curriculum. "
Peter A. - Santa Barbara, California

"This class is valuable to remind me of the laws of the road and safe driving techniques. The course was easy to navigate and work my way through to the final exam. I would recommend this company to anybody in need of traffic school."
Ralph S. - Ventura, California

"Thank you. This course was very informative and easy to follow."
Jamin T. - Madera, California

"learned valuable information from the course"
Eleni T. - San Mateo, California

"This class is to cover the ticket I received in Siskiyou County in October 2023"
Lori B. - Siskiyou, California

"Great class. "
Stephany T. - Los Angeles, California

"I felt this course was very informative and easy to follow. "
Consuelo A. - Alameda, California

"Excellent !!!"
Robert R. - Kern, California

Samuel R. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course, i will recommend to others should they need to go to traffic school."
Carl P. - Fresno, California

"Finish Today Traffic School was the absolute best! Easy to register and the internet course went smooth. Highly recommended!"
Patrick S. - Alameda, California

"very educational"
Devin H. - Contra Costa, California

"Good "
Shirley R. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you very much I appreciated the extra information presented in a relaxed, comprehensive and easy to navigate manner. "
Jennifer C. - Los Angeles, California

"I would change the fonts to make it easier to read. "
Savannah G. - Fresno, California

"Very easy to understand and navigate. "
Angelica R. - Stanislaus, California

"This was an Awesome user friendly experience!! "
Schenetta G. - Orange, California

"Good to review the rules, website presentation was great"
Sneha S. - Sacramento, California

"Great website!"
Eleny B. - Orange, California

"Thank you"
Bruce R. - Lassen, California

"Good quick course."
Harinder G. - Fresno, California

"There was one Adobe video (I think it was Adobe) that would not play on my browser. "
Philip S. - Imperial, California

"Thank you!!"
Stephanie B. - Orange, California

"I thought this was going to be one of those boring traffic schools but this one made me laugh a lot! I enjoyed reading through the material because of the humor attached to it. It was also very easy to understand and navigate through. Keep it up!!"
Monica M. - Fresno, California

" I've had my CDL for 44 years. Despite thinking I know the rules of the road, there is always something we forget. I think your course was a great review and I learned a couple new things"
Stephanie H. - Orange, California

"I love this website. This should be everyone's go-to traffic school. The humor was much appreciated, and it made this rigamarole bearable and honestly semi-enjoyable. Thank you!"
Ryan B. - Ventura, California

"Thank you for the course. I refreshed in my mindmany things important to a driver. "
Gabriela S. - Orange, California

Kamaljit T. - Kern, California

Robin L. - San Bernardino, California

"Excellent and easy to understand. I learned a lot."
Julie B. - Los Angeles, California

"Good Course with relevant explanations."
Srikanth R. - San Joaquin, California

Carl W. - Ventura, California

"I spoke to a representative, Steve. He helped me with registration, information how the Traffic School works and what i should expect. Any questions i may have, not to hesitate to call their office. Class is very informative, organized and very well presented. "
Arturo D. - Solano, California

"How do I get a copy of completion to the court?"
Janay T. - Riverside, California

"Much more interesting than I anticipated. Learned quite a lot. Enjoyed the humor. Thanks for making this simple AND effective!"
Andrea D. - Shasta, California

"It was a very pleasant experience; I learned more about preventing accidents."
Alan A. - Mendocino, California

"Thank you!"
Akhila R. - San Diego, California

"This course is organized and structured well. Easy to understand and follow. "
Carl P. - Fresno, California

"Due to working, it took me some days to complete the course but I was able to and with satisfactory progress. Super easy to understand and actually learned a few things that I did not know or forgot. Would recommend to family and friends."
Maria R. - Fresno, California

"Very informative class. "
Carina B. - Los Angeles, California

"Quick, easy comprehensive and a good value"
James O. - Los Angeles, California

"It was easy to register and complete my traffic school lessons. Thank you!"
Godfrey B. - Riverside, California

"Very quick, easy, helpful and fun course, thank you for keeping it a little light"
Pamela W. - Imperial, California

"Thank you!"
Gregory L. - Mono, California

"Great program , i will be reccomending to all friends that need to do traffic school."
Jared T. - Monterey, California

"good test & info"
Lauren E. - San Bernardino, California

"actually really good. all drivers should have to do something like this every few years.."
Brent B. - Alameda, California

"This course was a "Wake Up!" call for me to purge my bad driving habits before I experience loss of life, property, and earning capability. Kudos to the team whom constructed this fine, yet not over detailed course. Thank you so much. Hopefully I won't need a refresher course in this lifetime! Data structure was really concise and logical too! "
Paul E. - Orange, California

"Thank you for straight to the point questions Can you please send test confirmation to me as well. Thank you"
Anahit H. - Los Angeles, California

"straight forward class, easy to navigate and good information included."
Catherine T. - Sacramento, California

"10/10 recommend this school"
Matthew D. - Los Angeles, California

"Was very satisfied with this course! Simple, a breeze to get through, and was actually entertained through out it all."
Brandon C. - Ventura, California

"I would not change a thing. I felt like It was a perfect refresher over the entire book. "
Austin E. - Los Angeles, California

"Overall I was satisfied with the curriculum, especially with the author's approach to making it humorous. the humor made it easy for me to digest the information."
Alexandro G. - Imperial, California

"Thank you it was a great coarse."
John R. - San Bernardino, California

"I have no other comments. This course has been helpful. "
Jessica H. - Siskiyou, California

"The hold layout overall of the course is very user-friendly with great content, and the pictures and illustrations were a very good touch. Being able to start and stop while studying and taking the test with no pressure is greatly appreciated... Thank you, Tierus James"
Tierus J. - Los Angeles, California

"very convenient for people that work all day."
Anthony C. - San Bernardino, California

"thank you"
Travis L. - Los Angeles, California

"i finish todoi"
Nicholas F. - San Diego, California

"Thank you for the useful information. Your course was informational as well as entertaining with humor thrown in to not make it so monotonous. I got a speeding ticket, but all of this information is vital while driving on the road. I drive for 1 of my jobs & am on the road a lot. I will check my attitude at the door before I get behind the wheel from now on. "
Rebecca H. - Alameda, California

"Thank you!"
Lauren S. - Los Angeles, California

"very intensive reading and fulfilling results!"
Allan B. - Los Angeles, California

"I spoke with Julie, she was very helpful. I finished after hours and plan on calling on the next busness day with a question about some content. The non inclusive advertizing was a little iffy, I was able to pass the first time, and will be able to track my case through the system to its final resaloution . For the 18 month window. That feature I feel is worth the extra money. Respectfully Kevin Sant"
Kevin S. - Contra Costa, California

"Found your course very easy to navigate and quite informative"
Selena A. - Kings, California

"Thank you."
Aric M. - San Bernardino, California

"Enjoyed the class and learned some new info, Thanks!"
Michael L. - Solano, California

"Great course to finish school fast and learn a lot more than before taking the course. Great refresher on vehicle safety and laws. "
Oscar G. - Los Angeles, California

"I really enjoyed this course and thought it was concise and to the point to make a safer driving experience for everyone! Impressive."
Marie D. - Fresno, California

"You might want to reasses what you said about DUIs. Anyone driving with any measurable amount of alcohol in their blood system can get a DUI. "
Kaitlynn K. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you for this refreshing course. I found it very informative in so many ways. System was very easy to use. Thanks Again! "
Irma G. - Kings, California

"Appreciate the class"
Ivan M. - San Joaquin, California

"This coarse was very easy to use and provided a lot of great information and refresher of info as well."
Deborah S. - Del Norte, California

"This was an excellent refresher of the DMV rules and regulations."
Lavonne C. - Orange, California

"thank you "
Randy R. - Riverside, California

"Thanks for the course!"
Aaron M. - Alameda, California

"Nicely prepared study guide"
Maria C. - Santa Barbara, California

Tasneem K. - Alameda, California

"Loved this online traffic school. It went by fast."
Khatera M. - Alameda, California

"Love how the website is set up very easy to use. I would recommend it to family and friends who need to take classes."
Vanessa H. - Sacramento, California

"This was great-thank you! I was reminded of quite a few things-"
Carol M. - Siskiyou, California

"very pleased with this course. If needed I would definitely use this company again."
Michael S. - Sacramento, California

"I was very satisfied with coarse,I stayed with it and was able to finish it within two days. thank you for providing this driving coarse. Tom"
Tommy T. - Riverside, California

"Curriculum was helpful and enhanced my knowledge. Just as an editing note, I observed a few typos that could be revised."
Loy D. - Los Angeles, California

"Easy to follow course, Like the timer on sections I needed to reread so I couldnt skim through. I learned a lot "
Julianne R. - Sonoma, California

"Very thorough and easy to understand course."
Chiara I. - Los Angeles, California

"It is convinient "
Ana W. - Alameda, California

"I was able to finish this is one day. "
Joyce G. - San Francisco, California

"ty :] when i lost my focus with toddler around it was justa s easy to double check my answers "
Jaide A. - Sutter, California

"Had trouble paying for the course initially. The staff was able to allow my assistant to call in for me and get me all paid up. I was able to take my test and complete before court. Thank you"
Dennis D. - Orange, California

"thank you"
Blessing O. - Sacramento, California

"Thank you - good course"
Nicolas C. - Los Angeles, California

"Very Thorough!"
Jesse A. - Orange, California

Kumari G. - Orange, California

John Y. - Contra Costa, California

"Everything was straightforward."
Kevin G. - Los Angeles, California

"thank you"
Roberto G. - Kern, California

"I like that you could stop and start and the sections were broken down with practice quizzes."
Conrad E. - Los Angeles, California

"Happy that I was able to get through the material in one day. Very easy to understand and the images were helpful."
Carolyn R. - Kern, California

"Great course, thanks"
Marissa K. - Sacramento, California

"Thank you!"
Michael P. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you"
Guillermo S. - Los Angeles, California

"nice course. "
Arby N. - Orange, California

"this coarse was very easy to log into and navigate through. i give this coarse an overall 10 out of 10"
Joshua M. - Calaveras, California

"Very easy to navigate. I am a fast reader so maybe improving on the time frame between tests? "
Karina V. - Stanislaus, California

Dian J. - Yolo, California

"This course was fun and easy, I got 100%!!! Thank you. "
Julianna A. - Sacramento, California

"great experience"
Marco N. - San Diego, California

"Thank you, I learned some things I didn't know and the course wasn't too painful! "
Laurie R. - Sacramento, California

Ibanez L. - Stanislaus, California

"Easy and to the point."
Monica R. - Kern, California

"Great class!"
Miguel D. - Imperial, California

"Course was easy and affordable. Note: Check your spelling of "axle" (axel) in several spots :)"
David H. - Trinity, California

"Course was easy and affordable. Note: Check your spelling of "axle" (axel) in several spots :)"
David H. - Trinity, California

"Thanks -- I purchased the upgrade and hope to see an Email from you to confirming that the court in Santa Barbara, CA received my completed Traffic School and my license will not show a point on my driving record. Linda H. Ferry "
Linda F. - Santa Barbara, California

"Thank you for the class!"
Ardean S. - Santa Clara, California

"very easy to use "
Eric O. - Los Angeles, California

"Julie answering my questions when I first called was the reason I registered. Although the content was a little too repetitive, at least in my view, it was extremely engaging and well-written."
Brenda R. - Marin, California

Tracy G. - Alameda, California

"was a great experiance "
Sammy E. - Los Angeles, California

"this was great! "
Alexandria M. - Marin, California

"Hello I found taking this course super simple than I thought it was gonna be. Thank you"
Niecia L. - Sacramento, California

"This course was very educational. Refreshed my memory of things i might of forgot. But at the same time was not hard to read through and understand! "
Lusila R. - Stanislaus, California

"Thank You"
Blake R. - Tuolumne, California

Daniela V. - Ventura, California

"I don't understand why I had to pay a fee when I had to pay additional fees just to take traffic school."
David B. - Ventura, California

"Overall great informative course. "
Mirka E. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course. "
Joe L. - Sierra, California

"I learned a lot from this school. Or more like good review."
Lynda D. - Orange, California

"thank you"
Ingrid B. - Los Angeles, California

"The writer of this is a good educator. I learned some important things. Thank you."
Harriet R. - Los Angeles, California

"please send the certification to court as soon as possible because deadline is near "
Sahel S. - Los Angeles, California

"i thought it was going to be difficult but it was very is easy to complete "
Traniece L. - Riverside, California

"This was great - easy to go at my own pace. Thank you!"
Kimberly S. - Orange, California

"perfect test timing"
Pedro R. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you for this great course. "
Cindy A. - Imperial, California

"Thank you!"
Michelle G. - Sacramento, California

"Great school!"
Dylan J. - Los Angeles, California

"very Good Course Easy to use. "
Paul H. - Santa Clara, California

"wonderful! Thank you"
Heather M. - San Luis Obispo, California

"I was seeking for help. i called the number listed, the lady was very nice and helpful. She staid on the phone all the way until I completed my inline information. Im very grateful and will recommend anyone!"
Oganes B. - Los Angeles, California

"Great Class"
Ricardo N. - Riverside, California

"Easy and right to the point reading speeds things up alot"
Carlos H. - Stanislaus, California

Mohammad Aziz S. - Sacramento, California

"Great Course!"
Christopher J. - Marin, California

"Excellent course."
Michael C. - Solano, California

"Great, Fast, Easy.... A good refresher course."
Rodolfo R. - Santa Clara, California

"good class and website thank you very much"
Gabriel R. - Orange, California

"Great course! Author did an excellent job! Affordable and excellent content"
Rebecca R. - Los Angeles, California

Jefferey W. - Santa Cruz, California

"Good stuff Thank you "
Jeanina C. - Orange, California

"Julie was VERY helpful! -Cole Fleming"
Cole F. - Riverside, California

"Thank you for making the process fun. "
Kennedy A. - Colusa, California

"Thank you for making it an easy process!!!"
Nada I. - Los Angeles, California

"Great class"
Michael C. - Orange, California

"Very fast and easy."
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"great course! unfortunately had to take traffic school for a second ticket after accidently running a red light. was very happy to have found this course in the past and registered again! would definitely recommend to friends and family if they were to need traffic school. "
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"This class is very interesting and I learned a very good lesson by taking this class. Keep up the good work and more power! Thank you. "
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"I love this website keep up the good job thanks"
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Howard B. - Riverside, California

"I encountered technical difficulties in proceeding through the course. At the section entitled "Driving Manuvers(sic)", when I pressed "start test" I was redirected to the student login page. This also occurred when I went on to the next section. Clearing browers history, changing to a different browser, and using a different pc were all unsuccessful in alleviating the problem. When I changed to a different ISP (ATT rather than Dish network), the problem disappeared and I was able to complete the course."
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"Great timesaving tool for those who need to attend traffic school."
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"I would recommend to anyone and everryone. I will use in the future if necessary though I hope not to receive anymore traffic tickets! rules! AEM"
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"This was a great course! Upon completion of the exercises, I was well prepared for the final test, even got 100% correct. Thanks!"
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