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"Madera" is the Spanish word for "lumber," the first industry in the county. Part of the historic Sugar Pine Railroad remains as a tourist attraction. A huge flume once ran from the high Sierra Forest area down to Madera. One of the engineering marvels of early California, its history is preserved in articles and photos in the County Museum located in the beautiful old granite Courthouse in Madera.

Welcome to the Madera County best online traffic school! As we offer the easiest online traffic school course, you are more than welcome to sign up with our Madera traffic school online or Chowchilla traffic violator school. Please note that we are a 100% traffic school online so there is no need for you to attend traffic school in any specific place or classroom. Create an account with us today and take our quick and fun traffic school course from any place or at any time you find convenient.

Although there may be many traffic schools in Madera county, not all of them are certified and legit. We pride ourselves on being both a DMV licensed traffic school and a court accepted traffic school online and we assure you that your success is guaranteed with us. In addition, we are confident that you will enjoy our simple, fast, and fun traffic school course which is broken into 11 chapters of engaging and informative reading material.

Take care of your ticket and avoid an increase in your insurance rates by attending our stress free course. Once you finish, we'll process your certificate of completion to the DMV/Court on your behalf. Furthermore, we offer 7 days traffic school customer support via live chat, phone or email. Our staff is ready to assist you so do not hesitate to contact them at any time day or night. They may even provide you with a time limited promo code which you can use in order to obtain a discount. 


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Referred to this by a friend - thanks for the funny, random comments inserted in between the text. and for the colloquial tone. easy to follow along as opposed to dry stats and figures.
- Julie S